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DS5/5V DS6/6V     

Material:Plastic surface and iron grill

Product features:

Indoor ceiling speaker with perfect bass.

Go match with 18H seriers to show perfect acoustic,2 special woofers give excellent bass.

Apply to business conference,banks,lectures,etc.

MODEL:          DS5            DS5V            DS6              DS6V                    

RATED POWER      15W               10W          25W             20W                      

MAX POWER:      30W               20W          50W             40W                      

INPUT:          8?             70V/100V         8?           70V/100V                  

SENSITIVITY:    88dB             86dB          88dB            88dB                     

FREQ RESPONSE:  120-18KHz      120-18KHz     120-18KHz       120-18KHz                  

DIMENSION:      Φ212*84mm      Φ212*84mm    Φ252*98mm      Φ252*98mm                

MOUNTING DIAMETER  Φ170mm       Φ170mm     Φ211mm        Φ211mm